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Dec. 3rd, 2007 | 04:13 pm

It's been about a bajillion years (or 5 months) since my last post... Basically life's been a drag. If it wasn't so painful then I wouldn't have such a hard time getting around it so I can lose myself in online stuff. College apps have been killing me. The idea that your life has to be summarized down into a few forms and 1000 words is just... impossible. And, of course, knowing that if you fuck it up then the rest of your life is just shit shit shit. Or so your parents tell you. It's really a mathematical equation for hell on earth. 

Anyway, in the time I've been away I have...

... gotten a job. So now I can support myself. And therefore go further into debt when I see sales everywhere.
... decided what I want to do with my life. Bio/Psych. Something in that area.
... gone through and overcome a rough patch con mi novio. (It's crazy. I know that if I just go back a few entries I can see my first one about meeting him. Has it really been a year and a half, almost?)
... passed all the classes I need to graduate.
... totally abandoned graphics making. For now.
... totally ignored my writing. For now.
... totally ignored TV in general. For now.

But that's all the light and fluffy stuff. The actual reason I haven't been alive really is because one of my friends almost isn't. Summer parties are... so overrated. Especially when people INSIST they can drive when they damn well know they shouldn't after drinking. Anyway, a close friend of mine was in her car driving and some drunk idiot backs out of a driveway and into her. She broke her arm and the lacerations were nasty, so I hung out with her all the time with Sex and the City and Friends DVDs to cheer her up. Mostly we bitched about life, of course XD But, before you know it--POOF! Summer's over. And it's back to the ninth circle of hell for us seniors.

(From my disjointed writing you can tell that I haven't been getting much sleep. Ah well.)

Hope everyone else is OK, and sorry I've lost crazy touch. I'll get back--promise--as soon as my private applications go out into the world.

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Jun. 16th, 2007 | 11:15 am

So I'm free again, for at least two more months that is, until I'm thrown back into the bear pit that is my high school life. I'm... happy? It hasn't really sunk in yet. I've spent the past few days sitting on my couch watching reruns and Comedy Central. In that period of time I have realized:

I am an Hell's Kitchen addict. I want the next episode to come out. NOW! (What happens in the next episode? I think a gas leak. GASP!)

I love Steven Carrell more than I can ever say. Between The Office and Little Miss Sunshine, he has really grown on me as SUPA!love! I can't wait for Evan Almighty because I know that his Um-Yeah brand of humor will have me on the floor.

Old episodes of SNL are far better than the new ones. I really, really miss Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey.

Rescue Me brings my heart rate to a dangerous high. OHHH THE STUDLYNESS. It really brings back all the fantasies of being rescued. It's probably my biggest guilty pleasure eva.

After I watch Law and Order: SUV, I feel like everyone is a bad guy and that I should fear for my life. A lot.

House: MD makes me want to be treated by House. He can poke and prod me anyday (though my heart will still lie faithful to Dr. Chase--OMGBBQ his accentttt!). (Interesting side story: my friend went to NYU's spring campus tour and SAW HUGH LAURIE!!! And less interesting, his son. But seriously! HUGH LAURIE!!!)

XD I'm done ranting now. Tell me if you love any of the above, or have some other obsession to share with me, or would like to discuss with me if HK's next episode really contains a gas leak or food poisoning or stabbing or Aaron fainting.
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May. 29th, 2007 | 10:57 pm

Random moment:

You know when you hear just a soundbite of a song on TV or a commercial or whatnot, and it drives you crazy because you know the song but just can't recognize it without the chorus or a particular instrument solor or whatnot? I had one of those moments. I was watching the news and I heard this... beat that was just so recognizable but I COULD NOT FIGURE IT OUT. And it drove me mad. I went on NBC and was actually looking for the segment so I could oogle it. I still couldn't. I look through my iTunes list and NO NOTHING AHHHHHH. By this time I'm sweating, breathing hard, wild look in my eyes as I survey the array of CDs spread out on my bed.

I give up in resignation and go back to watching the DAMNED TV.

Three hours later, it hits me.

I nearly cry with relief. My knees go weak, I'm so freaking happy.

(And if anyone was interested, it was the Arctic Monkey song, Scummy. I <3 Arctic Monkeys and am vurry angry I missed their concert last year.)

SO. What's your music obsession? I know I've seen this as a meme somewhere, but give me the top seven songs on your playlist right now.

1. Cake - Guitar Man
2. Deathcab for Cutie - What Sarah Said
3. Moulin Rouge - El Tango de Roxanne
4. Corinne Bailey Rae - Trouble Sleeping
5. The Killers - Bones
6. Poe - Hey Pretty
7. Weezer - Island on the Sun

(Huh. Strange. I seem to be on English music again, save for the bit of Spanish in El Tango. Huh. *shrug*)

OH YES. You might have noticed my SLIGHTLY MORE INSANENESS. That is because I'm taking two SAT II Subject Tests this Saturday and am very screwed. Math IIC and USHistory. Any tips?
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May. 27th, 2007 | 05:43 am

So... Shattered Minds... Yeah... About that... I FINISHED CHAPTER 20!!!!!

Needless to say I'm insanely happy about that... I made the promise that the next chapter would be out by late May but I was worried about that deadline. Luckily, some wonderful people drew me some AMAZING (like... woahhh) fanart that, with the reviews and other nice comments, pushed me to finish writing. Anyway, Chapter 20 is the climax-ish chapter. We've only got two more to go after it!

It should be updated in a few hours--I'll post up the link when I do, so watch out for it!

[EDIT] For those of you who don't know the story...
Title: Shattered Minds
Genre(s): Romance/Angst/Drama
Summary: [AU]
"Of course I can't love you,' he hissed into the dark. 'I am the Avenger. I'm using you because you're a whore and a spy. I promised I would give you freedom... Nothing else."


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May. 22nd, 2007 | 10:16 pm
music: Psapp - Cosy in the Rocket

UGH I crave a good fanfic right now. Something... SasuSaku or Dramoine, I think. But I don't want to reread anything and I don't want a long fanfic... Insta-fix would be amazing, if anyone has any suggestions. I mean, I can only read my favorite oneshots so many times. I've practically memorized berrygold's Thursday and incarus_song's And All the King's Men. UGHH I want Lady Starburst to update SO BADLY T___T. I want the next chapter of Life is Beautiful RIGHT NOW. *sobsobsob* Why is on hiatussssss, WHYYYY.

Any suggestions? ANYBODY?

PS: Shrek 3 is Puss in Boots LOVE.

PPS: Why have I entered another two LIMS ><;;;;;
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May. 16th, 2007 | 09:10 pm
location: EXCITEMENT LAND!!! The best of the -lands!
mood: excitedexcited
music: Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder

AHHH I love the new Maroon 5 song, MAKES ME WONDER AHHHHHHHHHH. SO EFFING CATCHY. I keep jumping up and dancing or find myself sitting on my chair moving to the beat. AHHHHH. I love them. And I'm so sad they're going to break up in a few years *super sad* I can't wait for the CD to come out. I should totally reserve a copy right now.

Speaking of reserve I need to reserve tickets for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END. I am going to marry Captain Jack Sparrow. Not Johnny Depp... He can be scary sometimes. Captain Jack Sparrow. Because he rules my underpants *melt*

ALSO. I cannot wait for SHREK THE THIRD, which I'm going to watch with my lovely fwiendsies and boyfriend on Saturday ^___^

And one more thing... HARRY POTTER 7!!!! I'm TOTALLY going to the midnight party at Barnes&Noble. I CAN'T WAITTTTT. AHHH. I know Draco is a little arsehole but I am in LOVE with him. I <3 him with Hermione, which makes me sick and deranged, but you all know that.

(OOH for the rest of you Draco/Hermione friends, for a super HAWT--no kids-- fanfic check out Rizzle's THE DRAGON'S BRIDE. It is SO well written, characterized, and sexy. It makes me feel unworthy and it makes your heart absolutely freeze at certain times. This is the only piece of fanfiction I actively check for updates. Like... Every day check. Seriously. It's THAT good.)

SOOO. What are you guys totally into/anticipating right now?

[EDIT] I forgot. One thing that kinda pissed me off... JASLENE winning Cycle 8 of ANTM. Though, I suppose she was the best choice out of all of them? I think Natasha's just... prettier, even if she's a weaker presence. To be honest, this cycle of Top Model wasn't all that great. I didn't have a favorite :( [/EDIT]

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(no subject)

May. 15th, 2007 | 10:57 pm
music: Howl's Moving Castle

They are OVER :) No more APs until next May! Yippia!!!

I am celebrating by watching Howl's Moving Castle... in ENGLISH. The voices are so weird. The only one I can tolerate is Markl's, and it's cuz he's a kid.

I <3 Blonde!Howl. I would marry him in a second.

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Take it. You win.

May. 14th, 2007 | 04:11 pm
music: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Cake

AP Bio has killed me.

... Well, my voice at least. I'm serial. Every time I get super stressed, I work through it, then die the next week. Since I used up super stress last week for the SATs, I'm screwed XDD I have major cold and took that damn test with a fever of 101. Yayyy!

Anyone else take it and think that Bio free response was unreasonably hard?

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Thanks, APs

May. 11th, 2007 | 05:15 am
music: 蝕月 by Cherry Boom

So... It's 5:15. AM. In the morning.

Why am I awake?

Because I'm cramming for AP USHistory... Which I'm taking in roughly two hours and fifteen minutes.

It's not as early as when I would wake up early for conditionining and training (*cough*4:30) but I'm effing tired.

Good luck to everyone taking anything :)

[EDIT] So I've recently gotten into this one Taiwanese pop band called Cherry Boom. Their songs are OK, generally pop-ish and not all that amazing, but there's one song... It's so SasuSaku it's killing me. I want to write a songfic XD It's called 蝕月, or Eclipse of the Moon (LISTEN). Translations found HERE.


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may you rot, collegeboard

May. 5th, 2007 | 10:08 pm

(But seriously, hire me. You make so much fucking money for doing nothing. All you need in a printer and a scantron machine.)

SAT Reasoning Test is OVER for me. I'm taken it three times. Buhbye. May you die, die, DIEEE. (I will not think about the Math IIC and USHist I have to take in June. I WILL NOT.)

SRSLY. This last week has been shit. Major shit. I cried so hard this week over just... fuck. Life. And it was real angst this time. Serious angst, with real tears and sobbing. Not the usual effed up nothing I wangst about. UGH. I'm so confused. I hate my life. Well, actually, now I'm OK. But I HATED my life last week. And when I go back to that hell hole on Monday... *SIGH* Glorious, glorious @$^%%$.

I don't understand why I use symbols when I curse all the time. But that is besides the point.

On the bright side...

There is no bright side.

I should talk to Jason about all this but I think he's had enough of my tears for a week. Poor Jason. He's such a good boyfriend and I'm just abusive and neglectful. But I buy good presents (what poker addict boyfriend doesn't want a new poker chip set for his birthday and sarcastic Tshirts for anniversaries?) so I suppose it's OK.

On a random note (because my mind believes in absolute free association and my journal entries should follow)--prom pictures. So cute. Ahhh. I love my shoes.

Yeesh. Life. Makes me want to be in seventh grade again, cutting myself in the bathroom with razors, listening to Linkin Park, and burning nail polish soaked pieces of paper.

EDIT: On the bright side, I changed my layout. For the first time in like... 3 years? 2 years? I've tried so many times and gotten so many times. but in the end the plainness of my profile layout made me just make the entire thing... white. Now I will no longer have to guilt about posting drabbles up and having people be distracted by the darkness of the background.

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