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{ i was screwed over yesterday when... }

{ i need no reason for being screwed over }

Wicked Fantasies XP
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  • wicked_enough@livejournal.com

Wicked is:
1. female and 16 (which amounts to insane and happily underage)
2. a hillybilly in California
3. a writer/iconist wannabe
4. unusually unproductive
5. sarcastic and generally mean
6. obsessed with Facebook and Photoshop
7. perverted bad Wicked!
8. a lover of SasuSaku (and other sick twisted yummy pairings *cough*OroSasu)
9. easily distracted and amused

01. Wicked's Fanfiction

02. Wicked's Fanart

03. Wicked's Icons/Awards

04. Wicked's Photography

05. Wicked's Resources

06. List of Various Fanfic/Art/Etc. Hosts
01. uchiha_stills (MAINTAINER&BANNERMAKER: IconTest Dedicated to the Uchiha)

02. orosasu (MOD: OroSasu Guilty Pleasure Community)

03. custom_banners (BANNERMAKER)

04. bishoujo_awards (BANNERMAKER: IconTest Dedicated to Bishoujo)

05. akatsuki_awards (BANNERMAKER: IconTest Dedicated to Akatsuki of Naruto)

06. kunoichi_stills (BANNERMAKER, EMERGENCY!MOD: IconTest Dedicated to the Kunoichi of Naruto)

Feel free to friend... as FRIENDS! If you're looking for graphics, like icons and resources, go to Wicked's graphics journal, Wicked Avis. Otherwise, Wicked is very Friend!Happy and would love to hear from you! (PS: I don't friend back unless I actually hear from you, so please introduce yourself ^^ I promise I'll respond.)
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